WRoCAH PhD network: ‘Cultures of Consumption in Early Modern Europe’

Cultures of Consumption

In early modern society, diet offered nutrition; expressed national, regional, and class identity; and was used to maintain and restore health. Cultures of consumption and attitudes to diet were also in transition due to medical innovations, new commercial empires, and an increasing range of comestibles.

Collectively, the three students in this interdisciplinary network (hosted by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities) will explore the transmission, interpretation and transformation of texts, beliefs and practices about food, drink, and consumption between geographical locations, cultural contexts and historical moments, and by diverse social groups.

Giovanni Pozzetti (Leeds) will study ideas about diet, health, and identity in England and Italy (supervisors: Dr Alex Bamji, History, Leeds; Prof Cathy Shrank, English, Sheffield).

Jose Cree (Sheffield) will trace the influence of classical medical, philosophical, and legal concepts on an emergent English language of ‘addiction’ (supervisors: Prof Phil Withington, History, Sheffield; Dr Tania Demetriou, English, York).

Annamaria Valent (York) will examine the importation of Iberian foodstuffs and recipes into England (supervisors: Dr Helen Smith, English, York; Dr Iona McCleery, History, Leeds).

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