Windows into Research

Windows Into Research

This series features SCEMS members and postgraduate students presenting thematically linked ‘windows’ into their ongoing research.  It provides an informal venue for discussion, feedback, and collaboration for SCEMS members.

If you are interested in presenting, please contact Iona.

May 7, 2015
Theme: Landscape, Woods, Environment
Felicity Stout, De Velling Willis Research Fellow, History.
‘A precious inheritance both of Crowne and Subject’:
managing wood resources in early Stuart England
John Moreland, Professor of Medieval Archaeology.
Beyond environmental determinism?
Climate science and the historical process.
Jan Woudstra, Reader in Landscape History and Theory.
Re-presenting the past: a critical review of
the garden restoration of Het Loo Palace (1977-1982).

November 6, 2013
Theme: ‘Religion’
Participants: Emma Rhatigan (English), Antony Milton (History), Iona Hine (Biblical Studies).