Staff and Fellows

Staff and Fellows of the Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Sheffield
(in alphabetical order)

Name Department or School Research interests
Dr Rachel ASKEW Archaeology | History English Civil War archaeology;
castle studies;
material culture
Professor Michael BRADDICK History Early modern England;
state in early modern England, 1550-1700
Dr Joe BRAY English Stylistics;
The 18th century Novel;
experimental literature
Dr Alan BRYSON English | HRI Early modern British history;
Renaissance literature
Dr James BROWN History | HRI Drinking and sociability in early modern England
Dr James COOK Music English music;
cultural exchange;
music for film and TV
Dr Kate DAVISON History Lecturer in Long Eighteenth-Century History
Dr Sarah DEWAR-WATSON English Early modern English drama;
classical reception;
comparative literature
Dr Jeremy DUNHAM Philosophy  Pragmatism, Idealism,
Early Modern and 19th c. French Philosophy
Dr Katherine FENNELLY Archaeology early modern archaeology,
public architecture,
print culture, and materiality
Dr Jim FITZMAURICE English Renaissance literature;
early women writers;
English country houses
Professor Susan FITZMAURICE English Historical sociolinguistics;
historical pragmatics;
world Englishes
Dr Nicky HALLETT English Women’s writing;
medieval and early modern literature
Dr Frances HARRIS English Early modern politics, religion, court studies;
Dr Iona HINE English | HRI Philology;
bible translation;
Professor Angela HOBBS Philosophy Ancient Greek philosophy;
Dr Sharon HOWARD History | HRI Early modern crime and law,
British history,
women’s and gender history
Dr Anne D. JAMES History | Library 17th c. patristic translations, editions,
collaboration with European scholars
Professor Simon KEEFE Music Late 18th c. style & aesthetics;
Mozart; Haydn, Beethoven
Professor Jacqueline LABBE English | Faculty PVC Late-18th-c. poetry and fiction,
genre studies,
women writers
Dr Tom LENG History Intellectual history,
commercial discourse and policy
in 17th c. England
Dr Erin MAGLAQUE History History of early modern Europe, history of the Mediterranean
Dr Hamish MATHISON English Robert Burns; print culture;
Scottish poetry;
18th c. literature
Professor Steve MAY English Renaissance literature,
manuscript culture,
Dr David McCALLAM SLC | French 18th c. French literature;
culture; history of ideas;
French Revolution
Dr Louise McINNES Music Carols; British music;
gender; music in social
and political contexts
Dr Seth MEHL English | HRI Corpus linguistics,
world Englishes,
early modern English
Professor Anthony MILTON History 17th c. Anglo-Dutch relations;
Church of England 1603-1700
Professor John MORELAND Archaeology The use of writing;
the role of images;
archaeology of the Reformation
Dr Marcus NEVITT English Cheap Print;
literature of the 1650s;
Royalism; 17th c. journalism
Dr Sally O’HALLORAN Landscape History
Dr Caroline Dodds PENNOCK History Aztec, Spanish American &
Atlantic history,
cultural encounters
Dr Sanna RANINEN Music Renaissance Music;
music in art,
manuscript studies, bibliography
Dr Emma RHATIGAN English Early modern religious writing;
sermons; John Donne
Dr Tom RUTTER English Early modern drama;
Shakespeare; Marlowe;
playing companies
Dr Gavin SCHWARTZ-LEEPER English 16th c. historiography;
social authority & early English drama;
early modern manuscript culture
Dr James SHAW History Early Modern Italy;
markets, law, ethics
Dr Tim SHEPHARD Music Renaissance;
the Italian courts from
c. 1430 to 1530
Professor Robert SHOEMAKER History British social and cultural history,
crime and punishment,
Professor Cathy SHRANK English Early Modern Literature;
Dialogue; Sonnets;
Dr Edward SMITH English | Taught Programmes Tudor verse, Manuscript Culture,
Print Culture, Editing
Dr Richard STEADMAN-JONES English Colonial culture;
exile narratives; linguistic ideas;
arts practice
Dr Charlotte STEENBRUGGE English early modern theatre,
Dutch and French drama,
non-dramatic medieval literature
Dr Crosby STEVENS History Site-specific theatre; material culture;
country houses
Dr Felicity STOUT History Early modern travel and trade;
history of forestry;
Anglo-Russian relations in the Elizabethan period
Mr Tim WALES History | HRI Poor relief,
clerical history,
Professor Shearer WEST History |
Deputy VC
18th-century British and Italian art;
Victorian art
Dr Graham T. WILLIAMS English (Im)politeness and pragmatics;
English letters;
digital corpora
Dr Sean M. WILLIAMS SLC | German Hairdressing;
print culture,
literature and philosophy
Dr Hugh B. WILLMOTT Archaeology Later medieval and
early modern
European archaeology
Professor Phil WITHINGTON History Intoxicants and intoxication;
early modern political culture
Dr Jan WOUDSTRA Landscape History Anglo-Dutch interactions;
theories of landscape;
pre-modern China
Dr Angela WRIGHT English Romanticism; gothic;
18th c. literature;
translation; women’s writing