Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference: Sheffield, 5-8 July 2016

In July 2016, the University of Sheffield plays host to the annual Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference. Researchers and practioners from across the world will gather to deliver and hear over a hundred papers during the 72-hour conference. The packed programme also includes workshops, posters, a website launch, lunchtime concert, evening masque (at Cutler’s Hall) and conference dinner.

There are two keynote speakers: Linda Austern (NorthWestern) will speak about “Anne Boleyn, Musician: a romance across centuries and Media”. While Emma Hornby (Bristol) will be “Deciphering the musical language of Old Hispanic chant”, in a paper subtitled “adventures on musicology’s periphery”.

Among those representing SCEMS are:

  • Catherine Evans (English):
    “‘To ear and heart send sounds and thoughts of gladness, That bruised bones may dance away their sadness’: Elizabethan settings of Psalm 51”
  • Louise McInnes (Music): “Carols and Vernacular Musical Culture in the Late Middle Ages”
  • Momoko Uchisaka (Music):
    “Love and Madness in Isabella Andreini’s Performance at the Medici Wedding in 1589”

There will be two panel sessions on Music in the Art of Renaissance Italy with the Sheffield MARI team giving papers:

  • Sanna Raninen:
    “Music Books in Renaissance Italian Art: Formats and Performance
  • Serenella Sessini:
    “Botticelli’s Angels and the Representation of tactus in Renaissance Italy”
  • Tim Shephard:
    “Orpheus and the Animals: Representing Persuasion Musically”
  • Laura Cristina Stefanescu:
    “Giovanni Boccati, Music and the Sensory Experience in Paintings of the Virgin in the Garden”

Joanna Booth and Annabelle Page are each exhibiting posters of their research projects:

  • “Music, Memory and Instruction on the 15th-century Cassoni Panels of Apollonio di Giovanni”
  • “Virtue, Regulation and Disorder in Italian Representations of the Muses c.1530”

The full programme, featuring speakers from elsewhere in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, Canada, and the USA can be found on the conference webpages: (link opens in new window)

Banner image showing musicians and dancers performing at a masque (from MRM conference)