SCEMS Online Seminar Series 2020-2021

Choices and Projects

For 2020–2021 we’re running an online seminar series based around two themes.

Our Choices speakers have been invited to look back on their careers and
discuss the choices they have made along the way. The kind of choices is up to them. Possible topics include which methodologies and concepts they chose and why; their choices about thematic focus and lines of interpretation; career choices – where to live, work, what to publish and who with. In other words, their good choices, bad choices and choices they had no choice in making …

Speakers invited to talk about Projects have been asked to discuss the funded research activities they’re involved with or with which they have been involved in the past. The specifics of what they discuss is up to them, but they might think about why they chose the projects they did; how big and/or collaborative projects can help or perhaps hinder research; how they managed to get funded and how to run or be part of big projects, plus other project achievements and discoveries …

But to kick us off we’re starting with a panel of papers by recently successful Sheffield PhDs. Michael Bennett, Melanie Russell and Mabel Winter will be talking about their postgraduate work at Sheffield and their plans and research projects going forward. It will be a chance to celebrate their achievements and say hello for the new academic year.


Semester 1

Thu 29 Oct, 5.15pm: Welcomes and short papers by Michael Bennett, Melanie Russell and Mabel Winter

Thu 12 Nov, 5.15pm: CHOICES: Professor Paul Slack (History, Oxford)

Thu 26 Nov, 5.15pm: PROJECTS: Professor Jennifer Richards (Literature, Newcastle): The Thomas Nashe Project

Thu 10 Dec, 5.15pm: CHOICES: Professor Susan Amussen (History, University of California)

Semester 2

Thu 18 Feb, 5.15pm: PROJECTS: Professor Jane Whittle (History, Exeter)(

Thu 04 Mar, 5:15pm: CHOICES: Professor Colin Burrow (English, Oxford)  (

These events will take place via our online Blackboard Collaboration platform