SCEMS Early Modern Discussion Group | Spring and Summer 2022

The Early Modern Discussion Group is delighted to announce its Spring and Summer 2022 speakers:

The EMDG is a postgraduate-led, interdisciplinary forum for discussion of a broad range of topics across the period c.1500-1800. Papers are given by postgraduate researchers and early career researchers, followed by questions and discussion in an informal and friendly environment.

Our Spring and Summer programmes are as follows:

Thursday 10th February, 14:00 – Ana Struillou, ‘An archive of travel: Recording travellers’ possessions in the early modern western Mediterranean (1530-1650)’
Thursday 3rd March, 14:00 – José Mariá Moreno, ‘A Maritime World Made of Routes: Defining Early Modern Oceanic Space’
Thursday 17th March, 14:00 – Natalie Williams, ‘Crime, Punishment, and Evasion across England’s Landward Borders, 1558 to 1639’
Tuesday 22nd March, 14:00 – Alexandra Hewitt, ‘Reconstructing Shakespeare’s New Place: social identity and decoration in the ‘new gentry’ house’
Thursday 5th May, 14:00 – Louise McCarthy, Early English maps of North America and the East Indies as visual commercial fantasies (1580s-1620s)
Tuesday 10th May, 14:00 – Hannah Slack, ‘The better to allure our hungry stomackes’: Meat, Dining, and Indigenous Interaction in the Early Modern English Atlantic’