Printing Agents: A New Book History Project at SCEMS


June 28th will see the first formal gathering of Printing Agents, a new network established to galvanise research into the connections between print culture and regional identity.

This network has collaborators from SCEMS, the Eighteenth-Century Studies Group, the Centre for Printing History and Culture, the Printing Historical Society, several universities and multiple disciplines. We are interested in identity, location, and print.  We are researching the spaces – geographical, architectural, and textual – in which regional identities were created and articulated by print trade professionals.  In so doing, we are exploring the ways that print culture in the hand-press period contributed to the formation and negotiation of regional identity and the particular printed forms in which that occurred: newspapers, periodicals, printers’ letters, print trade autobiography.  A further strand of the project is gender, as we hope to uncover the positions and responsibilities available to women in the regional print trade compared with the metropolis.

For further information email Dr Rachel Stenner.