Mr Nigel Cavanagh

Thesis Title
‘Industrializing Communities in South Yorkshire, 1650-1850: A Case Study of Elsecar’. *
Dr Karen Harvey
Research Synopsis
This research will explore and characterise the development of Elsecar as a focal point for the development of a number of industries (coal, gas, steel, railways) and the concomitant development of the planned worker’s housing, schools and other facilities related to those industries.  The research will focus upon the existing archives of the local landowning family, the Fitzwilliams, in order to fully understand their role in stimulating, regulating, controlling and exploiting the industrial development of the settlement.

Academic Background
Nigel studied at the University of Sheffield from 1993 to 1998, gaining a BA(Hons) in Archaeology, Prehistory and Medieval History and a Master’s Degree with Distinction in Historical Archaeology. He went on to pursue a successful career as a professional field archaeologist, rising to managerial level, working at and researching sites across Britain.

Nigel’s main interests lie in medieval, post-medieval and industrial archaeology, with a particular interest in the archaeology of industrial decline.

Published Work

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* Funded by the AHRC.