Dr Kate Davison

E. kate.davison@sheffield.ac.uk

Thesis Title
‘A social history of humour 1690-1730’. *

Professor Phil Withington

Research Synopsis
This project is an analysis of humour as a social practice.  As a number of historians have shown, the culture of this period was infused with laughter—in its politics, print culture and sociability.  My research focusses on a network of writers and publishers active in London after the lapse of the Print Licensing Act.  As well as the contemporary interests they made laughable in their publications, it will consider their social world: what they depended on and the institutions or communities of which they were a part.  Ultimately the project seeks to understand the role of humour in public and private life.

* Funded by the Wolfson Foundation.

Thesis completed and examined: 2016.